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When Choosing a Contract Manufacturer Consider Quality and Nearsourcing

In a manufacturing environment, quality improves reliability and increases production. Fewer defects translates to fewer warranty claims and increased customer satisfaction. Process improvements also eliminate waste, improve flow and enhance workplace safety, all contributing to the bottom line.

When choosing a contract manufacturer it is important to ensure that quality is a part of their core values and that they have a consistent record for producing quality products. When shopping for your contract manufacturer there are a lot of options out there, but understanding what they specialize in is particularly important.

A contract manufacturer who specializes in PC board assembly is most likely not the right fit for a product that is composed of a lot of intricate machined parts, but a contract manufacturer who specializes in precision machining can provide parts created in house that will save cost on second tier suppliers and reworking costs for poor quality.

When selecting a contract manufacturer, choosing a contract manufacturer that is close to your headquarters has huge advantages. The first and foremost being proximity. When your team can work closely with your contract manufacturer you can bring your products to market faster. Speed to market will not only ensure your beat any potential competition, but will also save your organization money by seeing a return on your investment sooner.

Another cost savings that comes with having a local contract manufacturer is reduced travel expenses, shipping and taxes. A&D understands all of these advantages and takes pride in being a contract manufacturer, manufacturing products made in the United States.

By choosing A&D as your contract manufacturer you are choosing a partner. A&D is one of the top contract manufacturers in the Bay Area. Contact us today recieve a free quote!

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