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NPI: A&D's 3 Phases

Developing and successfully launching a new product is challenging for both large and small organizations. New products provide additional sources of revenue, but also carry high risk and can be very costly- but if executed correctly can reap high rewards. To mitigate risk it is crucial that there is an effective NPI plan and process.

Part of this plan should include involving your manufacturing partner early on. A&D has assisted several of our clients throughout the years with the New Product Introduction Process.

A&D’s typical approach involves three phases:

  • Phase 1: Preliminary Review

  1. Detailed review and documentation of the product requirements

  2. Identify requirements, conflicts, and risks

  3. Review BOM and cost estimate to ensure no pricing changes and item availability for purchased components

  • Phase 2: First Article Build

  1. Procure and assemble 1-20 systems

  2. Record, document, and update assembly procedures

  3. Evaluate and perform design verification

  4. Preliminary testing-definition and execution of testing procedures

  5. Update all documentation in preparation for production build

  • Phase 3: Production Build

  1. Review BOM and develop a procurement plan identifying any cost savings for higher- volume purchasing/long lead time items

  2. Finalize testing procedures and requirements

  3. Create detailed production schedule for years 1-3

These phases are not necessarily the exact steps taken for each project, but an outline of where and how we begin. A&D understands that a one size fits all approach does not work for every client and every project. We pride ourselves on being able to meet each project’s specific needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your new product introduction process!

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