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A&D Precision Inc. l Lean Manufacturing l Check out our New 5-Axis Machine!

Lean manufacturing is a concept that A&D takes very seriously. Everyday we are proactively managing our organization to become a leaner operation to reduce our costs of production, so that we can pass along these savings to our customers.

A&D recently purchased the HAAS UMC-750, 5-axis machine. The purchase of this machine is a part of A&D’s commitment to continuous improvement and the lean manufacturing process. Our new 5-axis machine will increase our machining capacity, reduce cost, increase accuracy and improve our speed of production.

Most CNC machining centers provide 3 axes of movement – side-to-side, front to back, and up and down – generally labeled X, Y, and Z. For parts that only require machining on one or two sides, a 3-axis machine easily gets the job done quickly and efficiently in only one or two setups.

Machining a multi-sided part in a 3-axis setup, however (for example, drilling and tapping the top and four sides of a cube) usually means refixturing the part multiple times to reach each side.

By adding two more axes of motion, tilt and rotation, the work piece can simply be repositioned to present each side to the spindle. This allows the top and all four sides to be machined in just one setup. Eliminating setups reduces overall machining times along with decreasing the risk for error.

Using a 5-axis machining approach creates faster production, while employing less direct labor, and delivering greater precision.

Contact us today, or call (510) 657-6781, to find out how our new 5-axis machine can meet your manufacturing needs.

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