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Hear It From Our Team 

"A&D is a place where dedication and workmanship come together to achieve great accomplishments."- Tony Duong, Quality Inspector



"Starting my career with A&D Precision has been both satisfying and rewarding. I feel like I am a part of an organization that really cares and wants to see people succeed."- Caprice Dreifort, Marketing Manager 



"Working at A&D Precision as a manufacturing engineering intern was a very rewarding experience for me. Being a smaller company, I was able to take on a large variety of roles that vastly improved my skill set and breadth as an engineer. With a constant influx of new customers I was always working on something completely different from one day to the next, continually adding to my professional network. I would recommend a career with A&D Precision to anyone who enjoys working in a fast paced industry where each person is responsible for many different roles and responsibilities." - Eric Behne, Electrical Mechanical Intern 



 “I like the commitment A&D has to continually improving through improving our people. An emphasis on keeping good people and supporting their improvement creates an environment I am proud to be a part of.”- Randy Snapp Quality Engineer



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