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Founded in 1978, A&D Precision Inc. is a full service contract manufacturer specializing in assemblies and precision machining for multiple markets.


We are a flexible, adaptable, rapidly scalable, integrated, one-source operation that manufactures tight tolerance components and assemblies of nearly any size, made from nearly all materials including aluminum, stainless steel, high-strength steels, titanium, copper, polymers and laminates.


A&D Precision Inc. is a company driven by continuous improvement that always keeps its customer’s best interests at top of mind. The enthusiastic technology driven approach in our manufacturing methods and practical engineering practices makes A&D a leader in contract manufacturing.

Who We Are 

What We Do


A&D Precision Inc. is an extension of your own team as your contract manufacturing partner. We take pride in every part we produce, every machine and/or product we assemble and every project that we are part of.


We are your one stop shop for all of your contract manufacturing needs. We add value to your products by providing management, design and manufacturing solutions. Our A&D team is continuously striving to improve while keeping what is best for our customers as the highest priority. 

Our Mindset


What makes A&D Precision Inc. unique is that we are made up of a team of innovators, creators and highly skilled professionals. We maintain high standards of quality, rapidly complete project schedules, and achieve cost effectiveness. 


Our methodology of continually improving and maintaining efficient teams has been developed and optimized utilizing our expertise and many years of experience. We recognize that companies have a need for fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions and we are your partner to make it all happen. 




A&D Precision Inc. focuses on quality, delivery and profitability, creating and supporting opportunities to add value for our customers, suppliers and employees.




A&D Precision Inc. is committed to continually improving our people, processes and procedures, while maintaining the effectiveness of our Quality Management System and high level of customer satisfaction. We are also committed to meeting all customer and regulatory requirements.

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