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How to Increase On Time Delivery and Performance

One of the most significant challenges in manufacturing is how to increase on time delivery and performance. This is especially critical for OEM’s who are looking for the right contract manufacturing partner. The right Contract Manufacturer will have On Time Delivery and Performance rates at or close to 100%.

Over the last two years A&D is proud to announce that we have sustained an average on time delivery rate of 99.8% and a performance rating of 99.7%. This is attributed to our highly educated team and our well maintained MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system.

A&D also has a strong supplier base which makes it easier to get the necessary materials in time to complete the project.

The components that lead to On Time Delivery and Performance success include a competent well trained team, strong MRP system and overall a good structure of communication.

Are you ready to increase your On Time Delivery and Performance? Contact A&D today to learn how we can become your manufactuirng partner!

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