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Do You Know Someone We Should Be Talking To?

Become a part of our A&D VIP Customer Referral Program

What makes A&D successful is our customers! You are our number one priority and we want to know more about you, your colleagues and anyone who you think would benefit from becoming an A&D Customer like you! We are not just asking for a referral, but we want to reward you for helping to grow our community! 


For every referral we receive, from you, that turns into a customer we will reward you and your referral with either a $100 donation to your favorite charity on your behalf or a visa gift card for $100! The more referrals you submit the more donations there will be and/or gift cards received! 


Submit your referral below to start earning those points!

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You have successfully submitted your referral!

Here's how it works
Step 1

Upon Receiving your referrals, we will send him or her a nice note that explains why we are contacting them. It will be courteous, pleasant and give you all the credit!


Step 2

If and when they respond, one of our friendly Account Executives will reach out for an introductory conversation. 


Step 3 

At the end of the conversation, if they are keen on progressing further, we will pass you some generous points and keep you updated when they become a customer! Otherwise, no hard feelings- we are always up for meeting new people! 


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